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My name is Diana Hara, creator and founder of The Cure Organic, an all natural hair growth product line that helps repair damage, thicken hair and boost growth. 

A few years ago, I had thinning hair and bald patches on my scalp. I tried everything to grow my hair - medications, supplements, countless hair loss products - you name it, nothing worked. 

Determined to find a hair growth solution that actually works, I used my medical esthetics background to create a product line that saved my scalp, regrew my hair and made it stronger than ever. 

It was important for me to create an organic solution, since few people realize how harmful the chemicals and toxins in hair care products really are. Even brands claiming to be organic can contain alcohols, perfumes and harmful or toxic ingredients. These toxins can cause a variety of health issues and even hair loss. 


I understand how devastating hair loss can be to your sense of self. I founded The Cure Organic to help people regain their confidence and fall in love with their hair.  I'm proud to offer a cruelty free, 100% organic and solvent free hair care product line that strengthens and improves hair condition. The Cure Organic helped me and people with alopecia, psoriasis, dermatitis, patchy beards and more regrow healthy hair. I invite you to try The Cure Organic and see the results for yourself. 


It is my personal mission to help you achieve your hair and scalp goals safely and quickly. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at info@thehaircure.com.


All the best and much love, 


Diana Hara

Founder and Creator,


The Cure Organic



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The Cure Organic uses the highest quality natural materials. From solvent-free, hexane-free organic oils to quality organic extracts and potent vitamins. The Cure Organic is committed to offering a safe, natural solution for hair and skin care products with real results.