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      The Cure - Hair Treatment Oil 


      This luxurious, multi-purpose product can be used daily to soften and strengthen the ends of the hair, used as a heat protector, massaged into the scalp, used as a deep conditioning repair treatment and more. The vitamins and cellular renewing qualities make this treatment oil ideal for use on nails, hands and lips as a nourishing, moisturizing healing balm.


      The product stimulates healthy cellular renewal in the skin and hair follicle. The Cure’s Hair Growth and Treatment Oil heals, nourishes, repairs, protects, softens and adds shine to hair and can even aid in healing scalp conditions such as psoriasis or dandruff.The Cure’s Hair Growth and Treatment Oil contains powerful ingredients that fight free radicals and can not only withstand high heat, but are heat activated, making its use as a daily shine and treatment oil or heat protector ideal. This miracle oil can really protect your skin and hair from damage all summer and winter long.

      Best used in combination with The Cure Hair Growth and Strengthening Scalp Treatment.

    • Directions



      The Cure Treatment Oil is a multi-purpose product. This tiny bottle replaces your sine oil, your environmental and heat protection products, acts as a repair oil and hair growth serum, and works wonders as a pre-shower treatment.

      TIP: As this is an entirely organic product, the texture will change with the temperature of the room the product is stored in. i.e. If the product is stored in a cold environment, the product will become creamy or may even solidify. This is normal. If you have issues dispensing the product out of the treatment pump, simply run the bottle under hot water for a few seconds or until  the bottle is warmed up. This product is also heat activated, making the product more effective to apply when warm. 


      Instructions for uses below.  




      1. Rub 2-4 pumps of oil onto palms and apply to bottom/ends of hair.
      2. Massage scalp with remaining oil before brushing out and styling as usual.



      1. Apply small amount before heat styling.



      1. Apply a small amount after styling for added protection and shine.



      1. Measure out a small amount of product into a heat-resistant bowl (amount used varies on length and thickness of hair, start with a teaspoon or tablespoon)
      2. Melt the oil/heat the product by placing bowl safely over a bowl or pot of hot or boiling water - take care to not let the water spill into the upper bowl with the Treatment Oil. Let the product warm up for a few seconds (you want the product to be warm and not too hot to touch). 
      3. Apply warmed oil to ends of hair and scalp. Apply the oil to the scalp in sections and rub product in well.
      4. Massage entire scalp thoroughly for 10-20 min.
      5. Secure shower-cap or plastic bag over scalp.
      6. OPTIONAL:  Add a hot towel over the shower cap or plastic bag to add heat and boost the treatment’s effects.
      7. Leave on 20 min or overnight.
      8. Wash/shampoo hair twice to remove excess oil.
    • Allergy Warning

      Contains nut and seed oils such as black cumin, jojoba and argan.




      Safe for use on beards and facial hair as well as scalps. Do not use on eyes, eyelashes or eyebrows. As standard when trying all new products, please do a patch test before treating the area to ensure your skin does not react negatively to any of the ingredients in the product. While this product is entirely organic, even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions.



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    The Cure Organic uses the highest quality natural materials. From solvent-free, hexane-free organic oils to quality organic extracts and potent vitamins. The Cure Organic is committed to offering a safe, natural solution for hair and skin care products with real results.