People can't stop talking about how much they love The Cure. With potent, healing, solvent free, quality organic ingredients such as organic oils, essentials oils, and botanical extracts we totally understand the hype. Join the conversation below and share your experience with The Cure. 


Worth Every Penny!

Loooove The Cure - their beard oil helped me grow my beard - it came in nice and full where it used to be patchy, and even after I shaved it off, my stubble has a nice clean grain to it now :D Worth every penny!!

Elliot W.

It's amazing!

This stuff works and it saves me so much time and money... I love the oil. The treatment makes me feel pampered and I use it daily as a heat protector. Even my stylist is amazed at how little she has to cut off when I visit her. I frigging love The Cure's products!  My hair is stronger and I don't need to tease it anymore. I wish I found The Cure sooner!

Jennifer B.

I'm completely cured!

I used to suffer from psoriasis on my neck and scalp. I tried literally everything to heal my psoriasis.  ​ Once I tried The Cure, I discovered magic in a bottle! Oh my God! My hair and scalp seriously never felt this good.  After using it for only 11 days my scalp was completely cured!

Iwona G.

My beard has never looked better!

I had a patchy beard, some of it due to scar tissue from surgery. This not only helped fill in my beard but also leaves my skin looking good and feeling amazing!

Justin C.

Never going back to basic brands

I feel like a frigging mermaid and I'm hooked for life.  I never knew how awesome natural products could be. This stuff actually works! I am never going back to basic brands.

Karen W.

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The Cure Organic uses the highest quality natural materials. From solvent-free, hexane-free organic oils to quality organic extracts and potent vitamins. The Cure Organic is committed to offering a safe, natural solution for hair and skin care products with real results.